Take control of your creativity

In today's competitive world, where ideas travel with ever increasing speed, the value of intellectual property is becoming increasingly important. Businesses increasingly depend on their ability to find creative solutions, exploit the results, and manage who gets to share in their use.

Keeping control of their creativity is therefore a major challenge for any innovative company.

Omnis-IP has made it its mission to help you with this task. In particular, we support you in choosing a protection strategy adapted to your specific needs and we implement the steps to put your chosen strategy into practice.

Omnis-IP strives to be a one-stop shop for companies working in all sectors. The founding Partners and the external partners come from different backgrounds, bringing with them a very complimentary set of skills, which makes it possible to fulfill this mission.

European Patent Attorneys, Swiss Patent Attorneys, consultants in trademarks and designs, microtechnology engineers, electronics engineers, brand and design consultants, lawyer; exactly what is required to answer the questions which many varied industrial players might have.

Our team

Joël Nithardt Emmanuelle Clapot Ernie Odoom
Microtechnical Engineer Trademark consultant Electronics Engineer
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Pascale Ribeiro Wafa Essanhaji
Paralegal assistant IP counsel, Trademark and design attorney


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